Hello! My name is Alexandre Dal Gallo.
I'm an illustrator and designer born in the city of Campinas/SP - Brazil.
- 5 years of experience with design focused on digital communication.
- 10 years of experience with illustration focusing on character design, concept art, in addition to experience with storyboards, backgrounds and assets for animation.

- I worked for 7 years in an animation studio that produced most of the animated clips for "Galinha Pintadinha", "Jacarelvis e amigos", "Flamiguinhos" and much more.

- I published 2 independent comics at Comic Con Experience: "A Era das Rapinas" (2017) and "Quack Ranger" (2018). The last one was successfully funded by the Catarse platform and was nominated for the 35th Angelo Agostini Trophy Award in the “Best Independent Release of 2018” category.
- I currently work for Nerd ao Cubo, where I'm part of the design and illustration team, focused on visual communication and products aimed at the nerd/geek audience, using licensed materials from brands such as: Warner, DC, Marvel, Disney and Crunchyroll.
Contact: alexandredalgallo@gmail.com
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